Based in Akureyri, K2 is Werner Berger and Timothy Murphy. Werner was born in Eisenstadt, Austria in 1969; Timothy was born in Cork, Ireland in 1967. 

“By revolution we become more ourselves, not less.” So wrote George Orwell in The Lion and the Unicorn, his 1940 essay about English socialism. Nearly seventy years later socialist revolution in the West looks unlikely. Personal revolution, on the other hand, not only offers us the same possibility of becoming more ourselves, but also has the advantage of being always available, any time we choose.

When K2 was presented with the option of working on the VeggVerk wall-gallery in downtown Akureyri, its original idea was for a multi-coloured abstract expressionist mural to add another ingredient to the wall’s busy crossroads location. At the last minute, however, it was decided to combine this idea with a starkly presented statement about the fundamental barrier to personal development of any kind, the fear of the extent of our own power, particularly our creative power.

While enjoying itself working on the mural K2 were under the impression that it had adapted the statement from part of the 1994 Inaugural Presidential address of Nelson Mandela. It turns out this is a common misattribution; the source of the paragraph is Marianne Williamson’s 1992 book, A Return to Love. Williamson has said she has no idea where the Mandela story came from but she herself acknowledges that the opening two lines of the now famous paragraph – which in her version refer to “our deepest fear” – are not hers; she quotes them without attribution. So their source remains something of a mystery. See: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Marianne_Willi amson

The statement on the mural might or might not change before it is replaced on March 10th. But the mural’s title, “Our Greatest Fear”, will remain.

K2 would like to thank Demian, Einar, Emily, Kalli, Hallur, Ingunn, Markus, Tom and Zane.